Using Processing

General discussion around Processing: installation, usage of the PDE, etc. Do not ask programming questions in this category, use the sub-categories instead.
  • Programming Questions

    Questions about programming with Processing. If the question can be formulated with a "how to", go to this category instead. If you already have some code, go to the "Questions about code" category.
  • Library Questions

    If your sketch uses a library you had to install, ask your question here.
  • Hardware, Integration & Other Languages

    If your program uses some hardware, communicates with another software, or is written in another programming language (except JavaScript), ask your question here.
  • Questions about Modes

    Processing supports different running modes. If your question is about using a mode (not the default Java one!), ask it here.
  • Questions about Tools

    For questions about the Processing Tools. Can also be used for questions about other IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.
  • Espanol

    General category for discussion in Spanish