processing-java can't export to a specific platform

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I've always had problems with this tool. I'm running Windows 10, and using this command:

processing-java --sketch=[path] --no-java --platform=linux --export

And it always exports just the Windows executables.

I am thinking about using --build to have more control over my build, but it's kind of inconvenient. Am I typing the command wrong?

Also I can't find any reference to processing-java in the Processing source code, so that just makes it harder for me to understand this tool.



  • If you are in Windows and want to export to a Linux OS, it won't work. You need to open your source code in Linux and export it, so I understand. Same if you need to export to a mac.


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    @kfrajer Then why is there the Linux checkbox in the Export Application dialog box? I remember that in versions prior to 3.3.7 processing-java didn't even want to accept the --platform argument, and exported both to Windows and Linux no matter what.

  • This would be a good feature to have as there will be people interested to deploy to different platforms. I have seen discussions related to this topic before and they reached the same conclusion. If you create a ticket in github on that specific flag, you might get an answer.


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