LUBUNTU error opening serial port /dev/ttyS0: Incorrect serial port

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Hi all,

I just installed LUBUNTU 16-04 with a running arduino IDE. No problem.

Now I would like to install processing3. I have it running.

But my adxl345 read out in pitch-roll give the above mentioned error.

Already looked on the internet for possible solutions s.a. i must be mention of the group etc.

Al I treid nothing works.

Situation arduino for linux and processing3

linux prog is LUBUNTU 16-04 and linux32

Who has the solution. Help is very much apriciated.

Kind regards,


btw arduino uses ttyUSB0 serial port


  • If you're a member of correct groups, you should be able to connect. When I've had this error, it's been either a faulty cable or it's fixed by unplugging and plugging back in. If there is something shorting the power across the arduino it won't be happy so check you have power at the rails also.

  • Hi fuzzySi,

    Thanks for your replay. With the same configuration USB-ARDUINO-ADXL345 I can read the serial port no problem. When I change to processing ( no change on arduino whotsoever) I get the faulure. Thanks any howe. Regards, ilioSS ps. I will double check and keep on looking on various fora

  • I may be wrong on this, but I've not seen a way of connecting arduino to processing directly - I've always used a serial connection (ie loaded a sketch on arduino via the IDE, then communicated with it via processing, using pins on a raspberry pi). You can use the firmata software for arduino which simplifies this, but I don't know a way to connect directly to processing.

  • Hi fuzzySi,

    As far as I know the following procedure works for me on windows machine. I load the script in arduino via the usb port. On the arduino serial monitor I can see the data send out and this say,s all working ok and as expected. Then I load the processing script in processing and run the program. The serial monitor screen from processing apear and the sceen shows the data related and connected to the figure and it is moving according the received data this means all working ok and as expected. Now in my LUBUNTU machine the processing says "error opening serial port /dev/ttyS0: Incorrect serial port" Also the preference script/list adapted with ( arduino serial port data) no succes. Il keep on looking for the solution. Regards, ilioSS

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    Hi all, Just found a post from GoToLoop in which he give a script in order to read and display the available serial ports. Now the processing reads the ports I can see it reads the data. So in fact it is a programming issue not a issue related to a bug. For me this is solved. Regards, ilioSS btw also with meeiers coolTerm serial terminal it was possible in LUBUNTU te read the serial data from my USB port

  • Hi ilioSS, glad it's working. Would be useful to provide link to GoToLoop's post for reference in case anyone in future has the same issue. Cheers, Si

  • Hi fuzzySi,

    Thanks for your tip. Enclosed the link . For me it is ok now. Regards, ilioSS

    ps. GoToLoop has more post regarding serial

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    Indeed I've got some Serial posts. But I've never had any Arduino and such hardware! @-)
    Only shot in the dark "solutions". ;))

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