How to verify the Serial.list()

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Hi guys, i'm trying to figure out how can i know what are the ports in the serial array. I'm using this code:


The if condition is always false, but if i print the Serial.list() array i can see that i have a COM4 and the lenght is 1. I need to use that because i don't know if arduino will be connected on another COM on an other PC.

The full if is

        int i=0;
                  porta= new Serial(this, Serial.list()[pos], 9600);



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    In order to check String we need to rely on its equals() method: :-B

    No need to invoke Serial.list() more than once. Just cache its result in some variable. :-\"
    String[] ports = Serial.list();

    Below's a simple template w/ some Serial "tricks": *-:)

    // GoToLoop (2015-Dec-08)
    import processing.serial.Serial;
    String msg;
    void setup() {
      String port = findPort();
      if (port != null)  new Serial(this, port, 9600).bufferUntil(ENTER);
      else               exit();
    void draw() {
    void serialEvent(Serial s) {
      msg = s.readString().trim();
      redraw = true;
    static final String findPort() {
      String[] ports = Serial.list();
      for (String p : ports)  for (int i = 1; i <= 5; ++i)
        if (p.equals("COM" + i))  return p;
      return null;
  • Thank You so much

  • I've used this method and it works very well but i have a problem now. When the sketch find the port "COMx" and execute:

    port= new Serial(this, "COMx", 9600);

    i have an error : "The port COMx is busy" Does it depend on arduino? ora have i missed something in the sketch? I had nothing (program or other things) opened on the pc.

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    I don't have the hardware. Serial.list() just returns length = 0 here.
    Sorry I can't help ya out w/ that. :(

  • One reason could be another application, that blocks the arduino-port. For example you cannot use the serial-port while you have arduino's Serial Monitor open.

    Then you sometimes have more than one Serial-port on your system. Did you verify that you are really selecting the arduino-port? You can verify with

    import processing.serial.*;

    Then another note on your method to find the right serial-port:
    I think on windows the name for all serial-ports start with "COM" follwed by any number. And the arduino-port is not always between 1 and 5, i've definetly seen higher numbers.

    So if you have only one port, you can just use

    port= new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600);

    But otherwise, you would have to set it manually or try to connect to all serial-ports available and implement some kind of hand-shake with your arduino, to verify, that you found the right port.

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