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Hello, my account got completely deleted, and i dont know why. I didnt write anything that coult justify banning, and even if, then my account would be banned, not straight up deleted, right? I only had answered to 2 questions, and the answers were in both cases even the most helpful ones, so there shouldnt be a problem too. I just asked a question about 4 hours ago and now i logged back in to check and my account wasnt there anymore. Does anyone know what i could do about it? In the end its just 2 questions not answered anymore, so no big deal, but still... Thanks for the help :)



  • I can't find anything in the logs for 'Lexyth' in the last 24 hours.

  • as i said, there seems to be no comment or any trace of my account except a reply to me when i answered a question where i got targeted as @Lexyth, so if you look for lexyth in the search bar up above, there you can see the comment reffering to me. But i have no idea, what exactly happened, the account was just gone. No ban, no nothing, just gone, so i just recreated it with exaclty the same information, and i reposted the question i posted ~8h ago which then just got deleted as well. I dont know how the logs work, but i definetly posted the question, i even edited it, because i left a commented test part in the code i posted, so it had to be uploaded for sure(probably), but since every trace of my old account got removed (dont know why every comment you ever wrote gets deleted too, if the account is deleted, since that may delete some very helpful comments) ... i assume that that probably got deleted too somehow, even though i'd think that at least that log (assume thats some king of admin or moderator log) would keep some data about it. But since i asked 8h ago with my old account it had to be deleted after that, so if the log works as i assume, it should have data about it.

  • I banned/deleted a couple of spammers this morning and they are in the moderator logs. I have scanned through the last 24hours checking every ban / deletion and there is nothing related to your account. So sorry about that but I have no explanation either. :(

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    Very strange! So sorry this is happening to you.

    If you want to recover your old posts, I see that they are still in Google's cache.

    For example, in this thread people refer to you and thank you, but all your posts are gone:

    ...and here they are in the Google cache -- you could repost them if you wanted:

  • we've had a lot of spam recently. and for every account that posts spam between 2 and 5 are created that are never used, but could be. i've been deleting these accounts as a precaution. but a) you haven't registered in the last few days, b) your email address isn't suspicious looking c) you have confirmed your email, and d) googling your ip address doesn't return a Stop Forum Spam link, and i always check those things, so it won't have been that.

    (btw if you ban / delete content the user from the user's page then it'll log it. if you use the delete button on the user dashboard then it doesn't.

    individual user page:

    user dashboard: - these people registered in 2013 and haven't yet confirmed their email - so are probably bots. there are 526 pages of these, 30 users to a page and the list grows at about 20-40 a day... it's easier to bulk delete users from here

    as an example, those p1ne and 0nyx and m4rv3er c04ts accounts currently the newest registrations are typical seo / spam accounts, i see them all the time. sometimes they post links to porn sites, sometimes they just sit there and do nothing. the internet is rife with them:

    those links probably only work for mods)

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    Yeah, as i said it's not a big deal, since i only answered to like 2 questions so far and only asked two, which both were already answered, so i'll just repost the answers so that they are there. And i'd also try to reanswer the questions that i made, that had an answer, but i dont know were to post them, since i cant just ask a question and answer it myself :) unless i can do that^^ will look around, if that is a thing i can just do. Thanks for the help^^

    Edit: actually i was only able to answer the one question, cause i dont remember what other question i answered^^

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