Processing Communicate with Flash


How do I make the Processing control function in Flash? For example, if I press something in Processing, then Flash will execute something.

I test out Processing application communicate with Flash application based on this:




  • Did you try the OSC solution in the Stackoverflow post? Did it work for you? What worked, what didn't work? Do you have a current MCVE code example?

  • I did tried out the OSC solution and Processing and Flash was able to communicate. But what it did was just sending message to the console. What I was trying to achieve was to make Flash execute a certain function on the timeline when Processing calls. Is that possible?

  • But what it did was just sending message to the console.

    If Processing is sending a message, and Flash is receiving it, and Flash is printing something to the console, then you should be 90% of the way there!

    What is left sounds like a Flash programming problem. You should share your specific code with Flash programmers for advice on how to act on the OSC message instead of just printing it out.

  • Thanks a lot. :)

  • If you are worried about the Processing signal sending end, don't forget to post an example MCVE of your code here for feedback. Good luck!

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