Console does not Scroll, display very few lines

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On a Mac, OS 10.12.5, Processing 3.3.4, Java 8 update 131 (build 1.8.0_131-b11)

My console does not have any scroll bar and only displays very few lines. that's what it looks like:

I only see the end of the list of my fonts and my 4 serials - I have no way to see the first 900+ fonts...

This is the code I was Running

import processing.serial.*;

void setup() {
  size(400, 300);

void draw() {

I checked the preference file, seems that the number of lines I can see depends on the console.font.size=12 font size. the smaller the more lines I see, but no way to fill up all the space nor scroll.

Any idea how I address this?



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    Is there no way of doing it with mouse / trackpad? Two fingers? Pg up?

    There is a file that contains the current console text, but i don't know where it's kept on a Mac.

    This isn't the first time someone's complained at v3.3.4. try an earlier version?

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    thanks for the answer - nope - I tried gestures, a different mouse with scroll wheel etc...

    weird. will go down 1 or 2 versions and try again


    works fine with version 3.3

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    Coincidentally, I'm still on PDE version 3.3. :-?
    Until an actual stable comes out, gonna stick w/ it. =P~

  • looks like it's a good idea :)

  • Recent open issue -- looks like this is a known regression in 3.3.4:

  • thanks indeed it is

  • you can always write a long array into a file using saveStrings()

    In fact I think processing crashes sometimes when you use println() really often

  • @Chrisir -- ironically, the regression was introduced by adding a fix for the problem that too much println can freeze Processing:

    ...hopefully after the console scrollbar is restored the println-crashing will still remain fixed.

  • Anyway, it's a big problem for me. I get a non blocking error which generates a long log. I'd like to see what's goin' on but unfortunately I can read only last two lines. Will I ever be able to know which error is it?...

    Schermata 2017-06-09 alle 13.20.52

  • Comment out all println in your sketch

    Apart from scrolling: did you try click in the console window hit ctrl-a and ctrl-c and paste in an editor?

  • Oh my! I am having this problem. Going to go back to old version then.

  • did you try click in the console window hit ctrl-a and ctrl-c and paste in an editor?

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