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Adding to the previous post, @GoToLoop's responses are very valuable. Thank you @jeremydouglass for clossing further comments on this topic. If there is a need to do discuss this any further, I'd suggest to add comments here. I don't intend to make this post a place for chit chat. However I believe it is important to speak up about this, thanking all the valuable contributors to this forum. I wish I could contribute more myself but as time goes by, I find that my answers are getting shorter.



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    I didn't say GoToLoop's answers aren't useful, just that his way of answering just won't help anyone new to programming. Back when I was new, I wasn't really bothering with his (and many other such members, who, unlike GoToLoop, have far fewer contributions.) answers because I never understood them (I wasn't a member then).

    For those who have already some programming experience, his answers are by far the best as they provide a place to learn even more. And besides, he always explains answers to more difficult questions anyway.
    So let's just forget about that now.

    However, I suggest keeping this thread open for any other such discussions we may have later on that aren't really related to the question (you make have noticed such discussions many times before, and myself and jeremydouglass always tend to join the newer ones). Just direct such discussions here to prevent spamming of the OPs.

  • Sorry to get involved in something that's none of my bushiness,
    but when I need help I like getting answers that works, whether they're explained or not.
    And regarding complicated code snippets, I think of them as black boxes, something that works but I don't know why.
    Sure it's interesting to learn the details too, but there's a place for both.
    If you're struggling with an irritating problem it's a great relief to get unexplained help quickly rather than explained help slowly.
    But there's a place for both, especially since people have different knowledge and preferences

  • Just to be clear on one aspect of @kfrajer's response --

    I am an active contributor to this forum but I am not currently a moderator, so if a thread is closed I didn't do it (I can't). If anyone wants me to become a moderator and has the power to do so then let me know what that entails.

  • @prince_polka That goes against the entire point of learning - if you just need a solution you can always hire a developer to give you a working solution.

  • Hope this is on topic for this thread, Lord_of_the_Galaxy suggests he's open to discussion.

    I just commented on a post to say that I have the same problem as OP with a library not working.

    I entered into a brief discussion with another user. We did not find a solution, but the post is now flagged as "answered"

    Apologies if I don't know how the forum works, but I'm not sure who flagged the question as answered as the OP has not responded. - is the question flagged as answered automatically whatever the response?

    Does this mean that some questions fall off the radar before they get seen?

  • @chrios1001 That happened because you are not the owner of that post. The owner of that post decided to mark the post as answered probably to get rid of of the pop-up message that you get when you have unanswered posts. In your case, I will suggest to create a new post and cross reference your previous posts and your new post so people can follow any previous discussions.

    The forum is not perfect. It is good that you asked :bz


  • Indeed. This is a known "problem" with the forum.

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