upload image knob!!

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Hello! I presented a doubt in the CP5 library! I need it to load an image on a knob and me is impossible. I am a beginner in processing and I can not solve it! This is for a project and appreciate answers! sorry for my bad English . Cheers!


  • I'm not sure what you are trying to do.

    A knob is what you turn to open a door.

    Maybe you could post your code so we can see what you are attempting?

  • What I try to do is upload an image , a figure like this:


    for different value of the knob there will be a waveform. In this way images appear on the knob ( images sine , triangle , saw , square ) .

    I tried using image ( PImage , x , y) but is plotted under the knob.

    I hope you understand me this time . Sorry for my English

  • I tried using image ( PImage , x , y) but is plotted under the knob.

    No matter what you do, the controls are always drawn last so you can't draw over the top of them.

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    Ok thank you very much .. do you another question in another discussion as they could not answer me . I need a ShowMessage appears above the program window , as in the following image:


    What I got so far is that the ShowMessage appears under the window. look :


    Need to appear as in the first image, the following code: JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Elija la entrada deseada");

    Thank you !

  • Interesting problem, I assume you are using Processing 3 can you post a short sketch that demonstrates the problem?

  • The only thing I do is write the code posted .. What I do in the void setup () , and since probe . The problem will come from where I place the line of code ?

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