Forum software updated (Vanilla 2.1.13)

Hey all,

just updated the forum software to the latest version. Please report back if you encounter any errors.



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    @fjen, I've found 1: When <pre lang=coffeescript> is present in any post, besides not working, it changes all other posted codes in the whole thread!!! 3:-O

    It'd be also good if the code highlights had more color variety. Most parts are just black! 8-|

    And their keywords are extremely outdated. ES6/ES7 JS & Java 8 already exist and are being used! :>

    And lastly you've never accomplished the promise you made to me from the very beginning of this forum, to grant me at least some shortcut for <u></u>. [-(

    BtW, you can check the bug by going to some threads from this tag link:

  • Underlining anything in an HTML page is just confusing - it looks like a link.

  • hi, can we get a Raspberry Pi section please?

  • thanks

  • Hi.

    Can you create a Category about the Forum Software?

    Can the search facility on the forum be improved?

    I'm sure this forum is a rich source of knowledge about Processing but it is inaccessible because of the poor search facility.

    Searching for anything is a very frustrating experience. I'm sure there are many people like me who can't find existing questions and answers and our only option is to post a duplicate question. This wastes everyone's time and effort.

    I would like to see these features in the search:

    a) Search the title only, or title and body. b) Search for the exact phrase. c) Search for all words in search phrase (AND). d) Search for any words in search phrase (OR). e) Sort results, by date or by relevance, or by category. f) Search only questions with answers.


    I bet this has been asked before but I couldn't find it, ;)

  • I second the request to improve the search function. Right now it's really hard to use due to it searching/returning the full text of a given result - rather than creating a long list of thread subjects. So in a recent search for 'fullScreen' to see if there's a good way to dynamically activate a fullScreen mode while the sketch is running- I had no chance to find useful results, because it found random threads and posts where a code snippet for fullScreen was simply commented out.

    On a side note, while doing some site: searches within google, I've noticed the dates or clock seemed to have been reset on the previous 'one' forum.. so it looks like some results are just a few days old when in fact they were 3+ years old. Helpful it's possible to revert to an archived copy of the DB... a few times now I've found deprecated code that appeared to be up to date.

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    @FFD8, although not as powerful as an actual search engine, many forum threads here are tagged.
    For example, here's the fullScreen() link list: :D

  • Aha- great tip, thanks @GoToLoop. Also managed to find a helpful fullScreen() answer by doing a "quoted search", but then I really have to get in the mind of a previous question asker.

  • Just to add to the search topic, maybe the second post could help somebody out there....


  • I have a request.... is it possible to add like a like button to every post? Then it that way a preferred answer will get more likes and in turn, it will become the relevant answer to the post? (I wonder how many ppl would like this idea. Alas, I have seen it already in stackoverflow forums so you know what I mean...)

    Another request is to be able to follow a post. Like having a basket of treats of interest which would fall under the user profile. This could be potentially useful more like in short and middle term, specially when working with certain topics through one's journey. As it is right now, the only way I can follow topics is by contributing to the actual topic with relevant info... not always possible.



  • As it is right now, the only way I can follow topics is by contributing to the actual topic with relevant info... not always possible.

    Not so, simply click on the star to bookmark the discussion you will be informed when further posts are made.

  • I just noticed the star @quark



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    Note to moderators/common forum users
    Something seems wrong with the formatting of the code in the question - Things like float, for and new are being highlighted in blue bold, almost as if it's p5.js (at least, I think). Why?

  • @fjen Please check my previous comment once.

  • This is not caused by Vanilla, the OP has surrounded the code with the HTML pre tags and included the attribute lang="java" in the opening tab. This overrides the syntax highlighting used by Vanilla.

  • Oh, I see.
    Can you set that?

  • In edit mode

    <pre lang="java">
    your code

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