hey, could anyone look my code

hey, could anyone look my code and tell me why does it give a nullpointerexception in the decor window thanks here is the code with all the docs, thanks! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2wuQAektZMtM05sckJUWmFTazQ



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  • there is no code there, just a directory full of pictures.

    please change the subject to something more useful.

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    first, learn to upload your code in a better way.

    I had to copy your files together which is very inconvenient

    Best, you go to menu tools | archive sketch which makes you a tip-file.

    Upload this zip-file please in future


    reason for your error nullpointerexception is that csv1is null

    you can easily find out by using println(csv1); before the line that causes the error

    remarks: size... should be the first line in setup

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