What are some simple, cool, and fun games that a beginner at processing can make?

What are some simple, cool, and fun games that a beginner at processing can make?


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    make a pong game using class Paddle and using class Ball; make it for two players (left and right paddle).

    Make it with a menu to decide whether two players play or one player against an AI / the computer.


    Also you could make Arkanoid (similar to Pong but with a grid of bricks you destroy; with different levels or even in 3D):



    I suggest before you decide, you make a note on each game what steps you need to program to make it work, to estimate whether you have the time to do it or not.

    For each game you have to decide whether you just have a game of one/two players or also be able to play an AI. and 2D or 3D

    or Tetris (also 2D or 3D) or Snake. There are board games


    and Arcade game like Arkanoid or others - see


    Tic tac toe

    You can do tic tac toe for two human players or be able to play against an AI. Or even two players against each other. or make the game four in a row.

    There also is score four, a kind of 3D tic tac toe:



    for these see


    I also worked on scrabble and checkers. Never finished it, in fact we are working on Scrabble, see other thread by Lord_of_the_Galaxy.

    I worked chess and Settlers of Catan, but never finished them. They would be to hard for you even to develop the figures and board.

    I also did Peg Solitaire, which is a single player game. So you can make a one player game. I made an AI that can solve it.

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    You can make a side scroller game where you have a plane flying on the top and on the bottom you'll have good and bad guys sliding by the screen and you'll have to tap a key in the right timing to drop bombs on the bad guys.
    Dont know if there is a name for this game type.
    Kind of like flappy birds but different.
    Should be simple enough to get done, and could be fun for a while.

  • Simple shooter (e.g. Duck Hunt) -- create floating shapes, detect mouse clicks to remove them and increase score.

    Rhythm game (eg Rock Band / Guitar Hero) -- slide colored rectangles over the screen, detect key press to increase score while they cross the end line.

    Infinite runner -- press a key to jump. Slide obstacles across the screen, end game if player collides with obstacles.

  • Moon lander.


  • A card-matching game.

  • Would space invaders be easy?

  • I have seen few posts related to space invaders before: https://forum.processing.org/two/search?Search=invaders

    However, I am not sure if it would be easy or difficult. I will say it is doable.


  • Alright I did Space Invaders

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