blepdroid Bluetooth LE Library, how to compile with eclipse.


i got an bluetooth Arduino project going on and it would be great to use the cheap HM-10 module. So far as i know on the Arduino site it´s easy and i can use the HM-10 module like the HC-05 module without the need to change my sketch. On the other end is a Adndroid App. I made it with Processing and Ketai library. It's working so far. But now with a Bluetooth LE module i can't use the Ketai Lib. I found a Bluetooth LE Lib made by Joshua Noble on Github:

Unfortunately this Library is not present in the Contribution Manager and has to be compiled with eclipse. This is something new to me. He is linking to a eclipse processing template:

I also found another newer version of the template:

I played around with this tutorials for many hours ;). So far i am able to get both templates to work in Processing. But i wasn't able to get the blepdroid library to work. The documentation on the blepdroid Github site is very rare.

My big question is:

Should i use the Template (and need to add the recent files from blepdroid in the right places of the template file structure), OR should i use the downloaded and do it in the same way described in the template?? I already tried a couple of different ways but couldn't get it to work.

But some more things are confusing me. Joshua says on his site: "you'll need to edit your classpath in the project settings like so:(Picture) After that you can then select the project and then do Export, Jar, and set it to export to your Processing libraries library folder"

I think this means that i don´t use ant to compile like in the template, instead i just export a .jar file and put it in the right folder order in the processing library folder. I tried this... only with the importet and the right built paths set. But id didn´t work in Processing.

Is here anybody familiar with library compiling with eclipse? Would be great to get a good hint. Trail & error is a long path....



  • Or is there any other way/library to use Bluetooth LE in Android Mode?

  • Just for info:

    joshuajnoble updated his library on GitHub. Now you can just download, unzip and copy the blepdroid folder into the libraries Processing folder. No more compiling needed.

    Now i have to do some experiments with Bluetooth LE.

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    though (if i do understand your last post) it s now possible to use blepdroid lib directly, i just want to add (because it could be useful in other cases) that i have compiled and added blepdroid to processing; first i have tried (as it s explained on github) only exporting it (from eclipse) as .jar: this did not work for me; then i decided to use the template (the first one you linked, i think) always with eclipse. And it worked exporting blepdroid to my processing lib folder with ant, after some modifs in the build.xml, setting the name, the path to the SDK, the path to the android.core and so on. If somebody needs i can post the step by step guide for that...

  • @akenaton :D/ Step by step guide please? :bz


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    You just need to download the from github. the blepdroid.jar is already in the library folder. Unzip and just copy the blepdroid-master (i renamed it to blepdroid) folder with all content into the \Processing\libraries\ folder. Start processing and you can find the examples and library as "Ani".

    @akenaton: Yes he added the compiled blepdroid.jar file to GitHub. But a step by step guide would be i would know what i made wrong. I spend so many hours on it ;)

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    @kfrajer , @ ed_Dude_ ===

    as soon as possible: sometime i have to work! :-t

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