Adding Sound to a Object when it is clicked. (URGENT!!!)

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Okay Guys! So, basically I want to be able to incorporate a 'Ding' sound using the minim library that is played every time the Target is hit, which in this case is our Saucer.png. The problem is not with registering a click on the saucer but rather being able to incorporate the code necessary so when the Target is hit, it will play the sound and then continue to do so everytime it is hit

Here is my code: import ddf.minim.*; int rad = 60; // Width of the shape float xpos, ypos; // Starting position of shape
float xspeed = 2.0; // Speed of the shape float yspeed = 2.0; // Speed of the shape
int xdirection = 1; // Left or Right int ydirection = 1; // Top to Bottom int score=0; //Inital score int lives=5; //Number of lives you start with boolean lost=false; //Have you lost yet?
int speed=1;
PImage bg; PImage Target; int y; AudioPlayer player; Minim minim;

void setup() 
  minim = new Minim(this);
  Target = loadImage("Saucer (1).png");
  xpos = width/2;                                 // Set the starting position of the shape
  ypos = height/2;
  bg = loadImage("space 2.jpg");                  //Load Image (jpg,png,gif)
  player = minim.loadFile("Song 1.mp3");          //Load Audio File (mp3,wav)


void draw() 
  xpos = xpos + ( xspeed * xdirection );         // Update the position of the shape
  ypos = ypos + ( yspeed * ydirection );

  if (xpos > width-rad || xpos < rad) {          // Test to see if the shape exceeds the boundaries of the screen
                                                 // If it does, reverse its direction by multiplying by -1
    xdirection *= -1; 
  if (ypos > height-rad || ypos < rad) {
    ydirection *= -1;
  text("score = "+score,10,10);                     //Print the score on the screen
  text("lives = "+lives,width-80,10);               //Print remaining lives
  if (lives<=0)                                     //Check to see if you lost
    text("Click to Restart", 450,200);
    noLoop();                                       //Stop looping at the end of the draw function
void mousePressed()                                 //Runs whenever the mouse is pressed
  if (dist(mouseX, mouseY, xpos, ypos)<=rad)        //Did we hit the target?
    score=score+speed;                              //Increase the speed
    speed=speed+1;                                  //Increase the Score
  else                                              //We missed
    if (speed<1)                                    //If speed is greater than 1 decrease the speed
    lives=lives-1;                                  //Take away one life
  if (lost==true)                                   //If we lost the game, reset now and start over 
    speed=1;                                        //Reset all variables to initial conditions
    loop();                                         //Begin looping draw function again

Thank you to everyone that can help me, feel free to give me code or modify the code above as well as provide links to reference pages!



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