Libraries that show in 2.x are missing in 3.x. How do I migrate Contributed Libraries from 2 to 3?

Please help me. Even new libraries that I install into the correct folder (Documents/Processing/libraries on Mac) do not show up under Contributed Libraries, but I can see them in Processing 2.1.1


  • Have you set a different sketch folder for Processing 3?

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    Thank you for responding.
    I just changed older versions of Processing to a new sketchbook folder, called OldProcessing, and Processing 3.0.2 points to Documents/Processing. But I still don't see the new examples in contributed libraries.

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    • If you wanna keep your previous P2 libraries you've got, I'd be diligent to make sure to specify a different sketchbook folder for P3 when running the 1st time!!! :-SS
    • Otherwise, you'll end up corrupting them and possibly even those for P3 too! :-&
    • If you were careful about it, and you miss some library from P2, you may try to copy it from P2's "sketchbook/library/" to P3's "sketchbook/library/".
    • But most probably that's not gonna work! 8-X
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    Select File > Preferences to set the sketch book folder for Processing 3 making sure it is different from Processing 2.


    For Processing 2 you may have to deleted the affected libraries manually and then reinstall them. In Processing 3 they should be overwritten by later versions of the library although not all libraries have been updated for PS3.

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    Thank you, all--I reinstalled Processing 3 after removing all the libraries and then reinstalled them and I have it working. I've been away from Processing for a while and I appreciate the help so I can use it again.

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