No .jar in the sound libary o_O

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I have a problem with the sound libary ( ). I extracted it in my sketchbook like any libary, but i doesn't work. I couldn't find a .jar file in the downloaded folder that usualy runs the libary. Am I doing anything wrong, or is it simply missing on GitHub?

Thx in advance :)


  • In general, on GitHub, you get only the source code, which you have to compile yourself. But why you don't use the library shipped with Processing itself?

  • I thought this is the original libary. I have no sound libary installed as default. I'll figure out how to do that or maybe I should look for the original libary again

  • "I have no sound libary installed as default"
    How comes? Which version of Processing do you have? What is your system?

  • I'm using the latest version (2.2.1) on a Win7 (64Bit) system.

  • And when you run a Minim sketch, you get no sound? Have you checked drivers, sound settings, etc.?

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