Master modulation source with p5.sound

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Hey everyone,

I would like to use different wave forms as "parent" frequencies for their "child" oscillators. Something like this:

MASTER SINE: 0.1hz child sine one:0.2 hz ( x2 of 0.1hz from master) child sine two: 0.3 hz (x 3 of 0.1hz from master)

Can you use scale() or mult() to mulitply the frequency of an oscillator? Its seems like scale() or mult() will multiply the amplitude and not increase the frequency. Not even sure if this is possible ha. I'd like to keep the child oscillators "in sync" to the master to create a series of rhythmically pulsing oscillations at even divisions.

Let me know if you this isn't clear enough. Any light that can be shed on this technique would be greatly appreciated!


  • For this, it is better if you present a MCVE showing your initial concept and one would scale/expanded it from this initial sketch. No need to (forum goers) write the initial code if you have it.


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    Didn't really mean to invite code-writing. Really just meant to highlight a scenario and determine whether this was even a rationale approach or not.

    For anyone interested in the idea of rhythmically synced sounds....I ended up using p5.SoundLoop and the syncedStart() function.

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