fullscreen() span on 2 displays in Ubuntu unity

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Hello, i have an issue with the full screen sketch spanning through multiple displays(2), starting at position 0,0 of the second screen only with the width of the second screen. Oddly enough the sketch can be dragged to reach the beginning of the first screen, adapting its width in the process. This happens on Ubuntu 16.04 Unity but on windows it behaves as expected with the sketch spanning from the first to the second monitor. Does anyone know a work around to have the sketch starting on the first screen without need of manual adjustment (in Ubuntu)?

this is the example i'm using: on Ubuntu the black circle is in the center of the 2nd monitor. By manually resizing the sketch (i know that sounds strange with fullScreen) to extend to the first monitor, the ellipse moves until the left half is on the first display and the right half is on the 2nd display.


    int x = 0;

    void setup() {

    void draw() {
      ellipse(width/2, height/2, height,height);




  • Ah, the fun of Unity! :-) Easy way would be to switch to a different window manager for this - Unity isn't great for full screen displays, particularly with multiple monitors. It doesn't seem possible to get it to respond to setting the size bigger than the screen size, despite allowing you to do this manually.

    Bit of Googling suggests the ability to hack the Unity settings with CCSM to make two monitors appear as one. You'll also find lots of problems with other software and this too!

    You might be able to get access to the native JOGL window (getSurface().getNative()) and move it around, but that's going to take some digging - just tried a few simple things and couldn't get it to work.

  • If you set the location of the sketch to 0,0 and set the size of the sketch to the same size you get when you do fullScreen(P2D,SPAN); in Windows, would that work? If it does, it could be a temporal work around....


  • @kfrajer - I don't know about the OP, but that's basically what I tried, both with the Processing API and directly with the JOGL API (which offers more options). It's also possible to set the location so the window is half on each monitor, but even then Unity seems to be not allowing to set the size bigger than one monitor.

  • @kfrajer in windows fullScreen(P3D, SPAN) works without issues. As I suspected it's a unity issue. @neicsmith_net thank you for digging deeper into this issue. I'll definitely get rid of unity soon.

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