Porting my Android App to iOS

I need to port the App that i made using Processing into iOS.

The application that I made utilizes serial communication via Bluetooth, I used KETAI as a bluetooth library to control the lights of my car using Arduino Pro Micro and HC-05 Bluetooth Module. Now my problem is I want to port this entire system to iOS. I've heard about ProCoding that lets you run Processing Sketches on iPhone and iPads but they said the Processing Libraries won't be imported because ProCoding is running on JavaScript and not Java. Then there is iProcessing by LuckyBite but it seems to have died out over the years i can't seem to find their web page.

another thing to note is that I cannot avail the Developer fee that apple is charging for those who want to use Xcode with Swift and Xamarind with C#

Do you have any suggestions on porting this app to iOS?


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