My RPG Online with Processing :)

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Hi, i´m working on "rpg online" such as "minimalist MMORPG".. At this moment i finished the design work and now it´s time to code the game.. This game are freeware and all items are placeholder for this time. when a beta is available I will post it to test it.



  • Wow! Very nice!

  • Really impressive amount of work to have go into that before even getting past the title screen. Really excellent graphic design and general atmosphere, and that is coming from someone who generally doesn't like the RPG genre all that much. I'm also very impressed that you have networking going on just in the Processing IDE. Keep it up; I see a whole lot of promise here!

  • Yes, really impressive up-front polish in the demo video. I particularly like the forest pulsing / stretch effect on the title page.

  • In a short time I will upload a new video with something more to show, I am finishing the session system connection / disconnection of the server due to inactivity, bane and kick ... then I will start with the streaming of data for the character of a client and the objects that are found around it. This is going!

  • Really nice.


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    This is my MMORPG "WORLD OF ISTHANIA", an online rpg where we can level up our character and fight in some of the most crazy and fun adventures that you can not even imagine.

    After many years of studying java, processing, multithreading, network libs and other crazy things in the end it seems that I have not lost my mind and I still have some more brain to undertake this exciting experience.

    While it is true that seen from the outside it seems easy, creating an MMO for me is still a feat of higher level since one thing is what it seems to be and another thing is what it really is and could only discover it by undertaking the programming a mmo of your own.

    I have to say that it is being a very rewarding experience, because I am having to study new subjects and learn new techniques of access to concurrent data from several threads of execution, and this for me is really fascinating.

    Good that I roll up ..

    What I already have yujuu !!!!!! "Let me know that I'm super happy haha" ..

    System of communication at low level based on the library for midi transmission "Open Sound Control" by network which I have to say that it works like a fast shot .. impressive. : D: D: D

    I have the specific and customized network lib for my online game, the collision engine for mapGetPixel () that for this type of games seems very good and the truth is that in java it works like a quick shot too :)

    I also have my Div fork called "gameLibZERO" in 3 versions, PC / LINUX / MAC accelerated by hardware, PC / LINUX / MAC by software, and ANDROID accelerated by hardware hehe. "In a very short time I plan to start the port to JavaScript" and so finally have the "engine" available for all platforms.

    About the game itself, I already have the login system, the user account registration system 'inGame', the creation of characters ..

    And what is already operative is the game and the dedicated server, customers can now create their account and login and can move around the world watching the content.

    I have designed a system of dynamic lists of objects that I think that as a concept is also quite interesting, it is that the server sends a list of objects in real time to the client, discarding those that are not necessary for "distance to the player", from this way the server only sends the content that is close to the player and thus the bandwidth is not abused ..

    The ingame character control system is based on encapsulating bits in an INT32 and sending it in streaming to the server.

    I have also created a system that sends a message to the server every time warning that the player is alive and playing .. live and without playing or that the player has closed the APP. Also if this message does not arrive before a while the server disconnects "kick" to the player eliminating its instance of the server and updating its user account with its current inventory and position.

    I leave you some very ugly screenshots of the game XD .. they are all place holder .. I hope not to cause some detachment of the retina.!

  • Can you upload files ? on github or dropbox or googledrive ? i have same game " :)

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