How can I earn money with processing? Where should I search?

I have experience with making big projects in processing but I still don't know how to google processing properly =). I always get irrelevant results. So the general question is how I can find jobs in processing or p5.js?



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    To be honest, processing is more a learning and art tool. I guess no company would use it for production.

    Technically it’s a wrapper for java. Java is a more advanced programming language than processing.

    So my advice would be to use java and eclipse (see tutorials) for your hobby programming to get experience in this.

    Processing and related programming languages

    Technically processing is a wrapper for java; so in Google use Java as search word.

    The choice of the programming language to apply for depends in which field you want to work when you search for a job:

    • Java is used in banks, finances, insurance companies etc.; pretty boring imho but gives you a reliable income.

    • For web development search web development / web developer, web design and java script (html, css, js). But there are several frameworks like React.

    • For developing apps for iPhone search Swift.

    • For developing Apps for Android: Android Studio which is close to java iirc.

    There are also other fields like game development, sound effects, film studios, car development, you name it. I'd guess they use those languages, including C / C++, but also special languages and specialized environments like MAYA.

    Kinds of Employment

    Also you could work as a freelancer or as an employee or leading a company. There are also different jobs: like game designer, software architect (leading smaller teams) or programmer or testing.

    Training and courses

    Also please consider to visit a proper training course or official qualifications or even university (computer science). It will give you higher earnings and career chances in the long run. So if you'd spend two years on a training and then earn more money every month for 30 years, the two years are well spent.

    Related Links

    I already posted some links above.

    It might help to read some related articles on Wikipedia:

    Success be with you.

    Best, Chrisir

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    Chrisir pretty much said it all. Processing is great for coming up with fun or artistic animations, but if your goal is to make money, then Processing's real value is as a stepping stone on the path to more advanced programming languages: Java and JavaScript specifically.

    That being said, one thing that professionals use Processing for is to create data visualizations. Fathom is one place that does this, which isn't surprising since Ben Fry (one of the inventors of Processing) is a founding member.

    Shameless self-promotion: I've written a series of tutorials that take you from Processing to more advanced languages, available at

    PS: if you figure out how to make money with Processing, please let the rest of us know!

  • If you are trying to sell software applications, Processing(Java) has serious limitations -- including that it isn't designed to be distributed through app stores, it doesn't really have a security model to keep people from just copying it and not paying, and it is cross-desktop but doesn't cross-compile to mobile (which is a huge market for apps). Some people do sell Processing Android mode apps in e.g. Google Play store, but in general they need to have two versions of their code if they also want a desktop version.

    Some people make money with Processing by using it for work -- e.g. creating art installations or VJ-ing, or using it in teaching. It is a great way to quickly deploy cross-platform sketches. Some people also create in-house Processing apps for teams as part of their software development or research job -- not commercial software, but quick cross-platform utilities with interfaces.

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