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Can you please advise how to permanently leave this group and preferably delete historical posts ? Thanks.


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    So, just stop posting. No one is going to post more on your old discussions, or message you, and you won't get emails about things from the forum. There is no need to delete your account, unsubscribe, or remove your posts. Just go.

    Or, better yet, stay. Become an expert in programming and Processing, and help others with their issues.

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    I'd rather remove all my info from this group thanks. Having no means to deregister is actually against "Right to be forgotten" legislation in Europe. At no point during registration was I ever presented with a waiver of any right to leave the group. Is this like joining the Mob ? You can never quit ?

  • but you are not in europe

  • Since your personal identity cannot be determined by anyone on the forum then the "Right to be forgotten" hardly applies.

    It is not like the mob and you can quit by not posting further discussions or comments and by not replying to any personal messages that might be sent.

    To facilitate this I have closed all your other discussions so that you won't receive any notifications from them.

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