Processing on CV?

I'm trying to find a job and my main asset would be my programming skills (and I have to thank Processing for that!). I have listed Processing and Java as my main languages as I'm most familiar with those.

The question is, do you guys put Processing on your CV? Is it known enough in the field for that? Or do you consider it not famous enough.


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  • I mention Processing, but my bread and butter work these days is front-end development, so the main focus of my CV is on JS frameworks and libraries (in that context p5js barely warrants a mention).

    I think unless a potential employer is specifically looking for creative coding they'll want to see demonstrable experience with libraries intended to meet their organisational goals. No harm in mentioning Processing, but if you focus on it too much (and don't mention 'business' orientated libraries) that might work against you...

  • I have seen Creative Coding as skill in a CV, so maybe it is not so much about a single language / framework but more about a way of thinking / applying.

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