Need Ideas

Hey guys, I'm fairly new to Processing still but struggle with trigonometry. Do you guys have any ideas (maybe easy ones at first) for me to try to program that use sin/cos/tan functions to kind of help me get my head around this stuff? I've been watching youtube tutorials but thought that hands on experimenting would help me better.


  • Start simple: Draw a sine wave.

    Then draw it around a circle.

  • Also try beginning with the reference sketches for sin cos tan and then try modifying them (swap one keyword for another) and combining them to see what happens.

  • Draw a circle in the center of the sketch. Then any time you click in the circle, you draw a triangle on it and you show the label of each side and in the console, you could output the length of each side of this triangle, and calculate the sin, cos and tan related to either or both the x and the y axis (x axis should be ok to start). Don't forget to output the angle in both degrees and radians units.

    A second task, draw the solar system at each planet showing their respective motion. Then draw the Moon orbiting around Earth on this solar system. This demo is usually done in Processing using rotation and translation functions provided by Processing itself. The challenge here is to use trig functions instead.


  • There is a tutorial on trigonometry

  • Go 3D and draw a sine curve on the equator of a sphere

  • Thanks guys! All great ideas. I'll start getting busy!

  • We all can explain quite a bit about this stuff, so when you have done the tutorial and some sketches just come back for more information

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