[GSoC 2015] Presentation & Proposal

My name is Benoît (you can call me Ben). I am currently a student at ISIMA an engineering school in Computer Science of Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand, France. I have passed a two years degree in Computer Sciences together with a DU at ISIMA.

I have learned using Processing at school across Virtual Reality courses. I discovered a lot of things using MS Kinect (1 and 2), MSAFluid, saitoobjloader, md2loader, ARToolKit, GSVideo. I am currently working on Processing for my first year school’s project: 3D Avatar control with Kinect. In fact I use PShape a lot and I realized that some methods were not implemented. Moreover I wanted to load 3d models but the only kind of model PShape is able to load is .OBJ (and not completely). So, I started implementing what was missing, you can have a look at our work on GitHub.

My proposal for GSoC 2015 is obviously to enhance the use of 3D in Processing by implementing useful methods for PShape: new format loader, use of groups and sub-objects, maybe a skeleton (rigging…), enhance framerate using textured models. I also saw some issues about PShape I could fix.

Thanks, Ben


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    Expanding Processing's capabilities for loading 3D models into sketches sounds like a great GSOC project. @codeanticode, do you have any sense as to whether this would be better suited for PShape or a 3rd party library?

    The reason I ask is that libraries are often easier to develop in the context as GSOC as they can be stand-alone projects separate from the Processing 3.0 development cycle.

  • I think, I could start by creating a 3rd party library using the PShape's interface and one day, if it's possible, it may be merged with the PShape class (like it happened for Saito's library).

  • Yes, I think this would be the ideal way to work on the idea.

  • I think this idea could be developed mostly as a 3rd library, with some additional bits going on inside PShape, mostly bug fixing and some API cleanup. As Ben mentioned, a library like this could eventually folded inside PShape, but is not necessary.

  • Thank you for all, I have submitted my proposal.

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