OpenCV, Processing, Windows Vista = Blank window

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Hi all

I am trying to run some of the OpenCV examples in Processing, but am getting the infamous black screen. I have no problem getting video feed from the webcam in the video examples, but with the OpenCV examples, such as face detection and blobs, I have had no luck.

In the tutorial I started with, it was recommended to download OpenCV 1 (, so that's what I tried. I am doing this on an old Windows Vista computer and running the latest Processing, 2.2.1

I searched for solutions and tried this with no luck: . Steps needed to solve problem: Install Quicktime 7 Install a vdig driver: Run Processing in compatibility mode for windows xp sp 3 . More searching, and still no luck on a solution that works.

In one discussion, I saw a link to the processing forum, but the post seems to be gone:

Anyway, if you could please help, or steer me in the right direction, it would save me from going any further insane!


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    Nevermind, turns out there is only one OpenCV version, and one OpenCV library (the gab.opencv) that seem to work with Windows Vista.

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