GSOC 2015 - p5.js Editor


I am Deepak Kumar Sharma final year undergraduate student at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, India. My core passion is web development. I can talk in HTML, Sass, CSS3, Javascript like technologies for front-end. On back-end I have worked in python/Django, ruby/RoR and node.js. I'm also bit familiar with Qt and made a small editor using Qt. I have always been interested in making applications like Editor and this year I have been provided with a great opportunity to work on it. I also studied about the editor few month back and implemented rope data structure to serve the purpose of editor.

I have some ideas in my mind one of them is implementing multiple cursor like that in sublime-text editor. I studied the future scope of p5.js Editor, as it is not yet implemented for Linux and Windows and even for the web browser. I would like to make my contributions in them. Can you please give me the guidance so that we can bring the editor for linux and browser to development stage as early as possible.

Thank You!



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