Texture over multiple shapes

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I'm wondering the different methods for using a single texture over multiple shapes? Right now I have 4 quads and I am dividing the texture up to map correctly over the 4 quads, but obviously this requires a lot of math and can become quite complex depending on the combined shapes.

Is there a way to combine multiple shapes together and map the texture directly to the group as ONE texture (not subdivided manually)?



  • I noticed that my OBJ file includes vertex texture coordinates that actually does this mapping that I'm doing manually. Although for some reason the value returned when I try PShape objFace.getTextureU(i) always returns 0.0 and not the values that I see in a text editor when looking at the OBJ file.

    Any ideas?

  • Bumping, this is still an issue. I'm able to get PShape objFace.getNormal(i) but for some reason the texture coordinates in the OBJ file are not returned when using getTextureU(i)... Has anyone run into this before?

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