Sketches (regardless of complexity) take much longer to run/start up than usual.

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Hi there,

Just recently (maybe within the past week or so), the sketches I'm working on have taken MUCH longer than usual to fully start once I click the 'run' button. It does not matter what's in the sketch, or how blazingly quick it started up before (and they did). I haven't done any big computer reworking or anything, and the other tips on this forum like main sketch folder being too full don't seem to apply, because the folder has been pretty full for awhile now, but this slowness just started.

For instance just to test, I tried the most simple sketch I could think of: I typed--

size(300, 300);

in the window and that is it. Nothing else. After about 15 seconds, the name of the sketch and the little java icon appeared on my toolbar, and after about another 15 seconds, the sketch displayed like it should.

I'll clarify that once the sketch starts up like it should, everything runs as fast as normal and expected. This slowing issue is only between the time I click the run button and the sketch window fully starts.

It doesn't matter if I'm running a sketch of several thousand lines, or that one line test sketch I mentioned. Still about a total of 30 seconds (where recently it was only a couple seconds) before the sketch runs. I recently used Tech Tool Pro 7 to run a checkup on my computer's systems, and everything seemed normal. (Just in case, I might defrag my harddrive and such--I've heard that can help speed.) And for the most part it is; Processing seems to be the only program I use that starts up this slowly now. Could a file needed to run Processing be suddenly corrupted or something? Don't know if anyone has experienced a similar situation before, but I thought I'd post this in any case since I hadn't found anything quite like it on the forums yet.

Mac OSX 10.10.2 (I'm pretty sure sketches started up at normal speed for a while after updating, this issue is recent for me) Processing 2.2.1 MacPro 2010 (this same computer has run everything Processing related fast and well for a long time until the recent slowdown)



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