How did you learn processing?

I've just been stuck in processing for a bit, and even though i am seeing lots of examples, i'm not progressing much in this. Also i did see @KevinWorkman's tutorial, but to view it i have to go through google translate, and it must of messed up how i view the website because the code goes off the screen. I just want to see how all of you have learned processing, so I can possibly learn that way too. Thanks!


  • The best way to learn how to program is to program. Give yourself little assignments: can you make Pong? How about Space Invaders or Asteroids?

    You could also check out the raw content of the tutorials here, if your school doesn't block GitHub as well.

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    Here is the link to KevinWorkman's tutorial:

    Also see

    The Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman

  • @Chrisir I think he knows that, but his school blocks my site. I knew I shouldn't have included the term "games" in my url!

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    I bought 'Getting Started With Processing' and typed in all the examples... no copy/paste etc from websites. This helped me understand the IDE, syntax and some commonly used commands, and took me quite a long way into programming. After that I looked at some of the examples, but to be honest I found it hard to follow the code in many of them, and I learnt far more by setting myself tasks/problems, and trying to debug when they failed to run!

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    I think I learned programming when I was 13 or so and tried to program a (totally non-playable) chess-board with brown and white fields and the figures just represented by letters like K and Q....

    That was so difficult for me....

    And then a teacher deleted the whole program without any back-up or without telling me before because he wanted to clean the computer....

    Later I stayed late in the computer room of the school (I didn't have a computer at home back then of course) and because I stayed there too long (I think the building supervisor of the school found me in the evening) everybody got angry and I wasn't allowed back into the computer room for two weeks or so as a punishment... no one, no teacher asked what I was programming there or whether I maybe wanted to learn programming....

    A ridiculous school.

    You see, sometimes you have to learn despite of your teachers and against them....

    My father is a programmer and he explained Punched Cards to me and some old school programming languages to me. I will be forever grateful for that. I gave him a processing book for Christmas this year.

    Later some guys from my class and I organized a regular weekly workshop in the same computer room. Sometimes we got an elder pupil or a teacher helping us but mostly we showed each other bits and pieces...


  • Just with the Processing reference and looking some other people's codes.

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