Making HD Videos with GSVideo

Hello fellow Processing users!

I'm trying to create HD movies out of processing sketches. Everything is set up using GS moviemaker, the only issue is that it only has a Theora encoder which really destroys the quality (or at least thats what I think the source of the problem is). From what I've read, they will not have any other encoders until the next build. Any ways of getting around this?



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    So solved this problem and wanted to share the solution. After searching far and wide for another solution on the web and finally getting on the Spout 2.0 forum, I found out about a new library called Video Export for processing developed by Abe Pazos (

    This is the equivalent of GSVideo for processing 2.x and 3.x.

    I also downloaded processing 3.05 and solved the problem I had with it before (OpenGL framebuffer error) by updating my graphics driver (oops! lol) and now I am making HD videos right out of processing.

    Many thanks to Spout 2.0 forum and Abe for their help!

    All the best!

  • Hi, I just downloaded VideoExport and it works GREAT.

    Any idea how I can record audio too?



  • Hi Phil, I don't think you can do that with this library. I've tried different things never really found a way to record video and audio together. I export my videos and them put audio on them.

  • Thanks rtavakko, my project is recording people using the inbuilt camera on a laptop so I need audio too.

  • I see. So far I have not found a processing solution for this. I think you may need to work with raw java libraries. Definitely feel free to post if you find any results.

  • I used the minM audio library and record wav files and the sync them in post. I works but it is not ideal.

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