integrate a "choose ip to connect to" in a processing android sketch.

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I have question concerning setting the remote location in a processing android sketch.

I am using a processing android sketch running on a nexus 7 in a visual installation to control a processing sketch on a mac computer running yesemite via OSC. This works well as long as the specified remote location in the android sketch has the correct ip that the computer is using.

My problem is that this ip is changing every time the computer connects to the network, and the network (which is a university network) does not allow for connecting with a static ip. I could change the ip in the android sketch and upload it again to the tablet but as this is an installation that will be standing for a month this would be a lot of hassle. I am therefor wondering if there is a way to integrate a setting in the android sketch where you from the android tablet could choose the ip to send to without having to reinstall the sketch on the android tablet?

alternatively, how can you set up a local network for the mac and the nexus to communicate on? I have been unable to do that as the nexus does not recognise the macs local network.

3rd option would be to connect them via bluetooth but I do not know how to/ if you can send OSC messages via bluetooth.

wouold be very thankful for any help as the exhibition starts in 2 weeks and I dont know how to solve this. Thank you!


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    i have created a lan between android & mac osx, via tcp, not tried with osc but i suppose that it is the same way: create a server on the mac, a client on android; as for the ip, if you cannot assign static ip for the server you can (perhaps?) create an array of ip on the android and try to connect (or ping!) till you find the server...

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