.setTexture() is working not texture()


I am having a problem with the texture() function. I would like to use it to apply a texture to a 3d object , for example a sphere. but for some reason it doesn't work while setTexture() woks fine. Is there something I am missing ?

here is my code :

float rotation;
PImage soltexture, fond;
PShape sol;

void setup() { 
  size(800, 600, P3D);
  camera(width/2.0, 200, 1500, width/2, 320, 0, 0, 1, 0);
  soltexture = loadImage("sol.jpg");
  fond = loadImage("fond.jpg");

  sol = createShape(SPHERE, 4000);
  sol.scale(1.85, 1.09, 1.15);
  //texture(soltexture);  // It doesn't work , I wonder why  ?
void draw() {
  // pour que l'image de fond ne recouvre pas les autres éléments
  image(fond, -504, -520);

  ambientLight(50, 50, 50);
  lightSpecular(255, 0, 114);
  spotLight(255, 0, 186, width/2, -3000, 0, width/2.0, 5000, -2000, 1, 60);

  translate(500, 5000, -2000);
  rotation = rotation + 0.006;

Thanks for your help!


  • Perhaps because you have texture() instead of sol.texture()?

    But also both methods are implemented in PShape with a primitive default implementation, but the real code, in PShapeOpenGL, only override setTexture(). Hence the difference. Not sure if that's an oversight (might worth a GitHub issue then) or intentionally (eg. wanting to deprecate texture()).

  • Thanks you for your replay PhiLho ! Well I actually tried sol.texture(xxxx); but it doesn't work either and I forgot to mention that it generates the following warning :

    texture() can only be called between beginShape() and endShape()

    which is weird because it is called between beginShape() and endShape(). I also have tried on an other computer on win7 and get the same result, so maybe i found a bug ? :/

    So while I am at it , I have got a second question :) : Maybe someone could explain me how to do a "REPEAT" of a texture using this method setTexure() ? Because with this method in my code the texture is wrapped and scaled around the object and it 's really ugly (you know, since my texture file is about 512x512).

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