Error opening serial port COM22: Port busy

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Hello everyone..

I'm trying to communicate with my Arduino UNO by using Processing and bluetooth. Basically, I'm following every step in this guide:

The code I'm using is identical to the above guide and as bluetooth modem I'm using HC-06. The problem is that I keep getting an error message that says: "Error opening serial port COM22: Port busy". Still, the prinln(Serial.list()) claims that COM22 is available? I have rebooted my computer but still it won't work. I'm using processing 3.0a5 and Arduino 1.05

I have googled and searched the forum but still I can't find any solution for my problem.

Best regards, Mattias serial_bluetooth



  • If another application using com port 22 the error is appear such as you run arduino and processing together.I have arduino when I was uploaded a code,I just only use processing to capture values.

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