Use a vector as a form of canvas/screen

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I've got this project to create a hallway interactive installation with kinect. The problem is that the hallway has already a printed stencil of the world and I have a vector of it, now I am supposed to utilize that as a canvas/screen.

I assume I could use a vj app for something like that but would like more designed approach with processing, any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



  • So, what exactly is the problem you're having? I can't form a question from what you've written.

    Since I don't know exactly what you're dealing with, the simplest solution might be making a PNG image which is 100% transparent at the areas you wish to have as your canvas, and 100% opaque and black in the areas you wish not to draw on. Be sure to make the image's size the same size as your sketch will be.

    Then, all you have to do is to draw that image at the end of each draw() loop. That way all the stuff that should be seen on the wall will be "deleted" by that opaque part of the image.

    Again, this is the simplest solution and it really depends on the nature of your installation whether it would look good or not.

  • Hey Patakk thank you very much, really like your work its great to know that you are on this forum as well. I have found a workaround using PG graphics and an svg file, I am only drawing with coordinates on places where the image is 100% opaque. Although that is a great solution for some other animation ideas I have.

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