How to write a TTS program to run on Android

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Hey all, Doing my first steps in processing here, so please be gentle... I need to make a fairly simple Text To Speech (TTS) program that would run on an Android tablet (I'm writing it on a windows machine if that matters...)

Was looking into FreeTTS but I'm getting the impression I won't be able to use that on the Android (to be honest, not really sure how to run something I wrote on the tablet at all...)

Any tips on how to approach this? I need to get this done really fast, so if Processing is not actually the right tool for this, do let me know :)




  • Is there a reason you want to use Processing?

    Why won't FreeTTS work on Android? (I'm not saying you're wrong, just wondering what research you've done.)

    It sounds like step one is to get a simple Android application up and running. Forget about the TTS stuff for a second. What happens when you try that?

  • They say it requires Java 2 SDK and that it's been tested on Mac OS X, Linux and Win32... Couldn't find any way to install JAVA SDK on the Android...

    No specific reason to choose processing. I just though it would be the easiest way to do it, but I might be wrong... Could be that It's easier to use App Inventor or something. I'm just afraid it's too limiting and not as flexible as Processing.

  • You should only use Processing if you're planning on using its visualization capabilities. If you aren't, then it's probably going to be easier to just use standard Java.

    The Android SDK implements most of the Java JDK. As long as the library doesn't rely on any features specific to Java and not in Android (such as Swing), it should work fine. The only way to know is to test it out though.

    Like I said, step one is to get a hello world app up and running. The basic tutorials are your best friend:

  • @muaddib== i think that you cannot use freeTTS lib with android as android has its own class for that ( TextToSpeech class); i have used it with eclipse but it could probably be imported into some android processing project.

  • For what it's worth, googling "freetts android" returns a bunch of results.

  • Well... ended up doing the whole thing in MIT App Inventor :)

    Just wanted to thank you guys for all the help.

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