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I'm new here and I'd liked to know if it's possible to show a simple processing program that uses shaders in browser(via processing.js or elsehow)? tyvm


  • There has been talk of adding webgl support to p5js. but at the moment neither processing.js nor p5js supports webgl, shaders, etc. If you want that in the browser, you'll have to use something like three.js.

  • so I can use my processing code with three.js to show and interact with it on browser? got any tutorial of how 2?:D ty

  • No, instead of asking another question, try to understand the answer you are given and research it first.

    Once again, the answer to your initial questions is that there is no js processing implementation that supports webgl. There is only a completely other library, that has nothing to do with Processing, but does support webgl in the browser called three.js (see:

  • ahh ok, thx alot:D

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