Someone help me out (simple game assignment)

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Hi :) I have 3 days to male a simple game on processing. I wanted to make one similar to this one. The problem is, the coding is in javaScript and i need it in Java(Processing). Could someone please make it for me in Processing. I'd appreciate it a lot. I'm even willing to pay if you live near mississauga. I know it's a lot to ask but I'm kinda in a tight situation and i would appreciate it a lot. Thank you :)


  • Okay first of all we can HELP you but not do it FOR you. See, and we can't be paid. Now have you started with anything? Post any code you have and we can work from there.

  • Sounds like an assignment. As TechWiz said, we only help but don't do the work for you.

    Do you have a specific idea? What are your skills? That game isn't too hard to do. 3 days is tight but still possible.

  • I have deleted the duplicate topic you posted in another discussion.

    Just to repeat what the others have said. This looks like an assignment, offering to pay or otherwise getting someone else to do it for you is cheating. Cheats are not welcome on this forum.

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