Interested in doing the MS in CS in Abroad.

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Hello friends I need your help for doing MS in CS in anywhere in the world’s best universities.Few days ago i heard about the that time i had planned for GRE/TOEFL but to lack of resources in my college and also in home town i had changed my mind but now i am in last semester of BE so i decided to do the please suggest me everything whichever required for doing the MS. Actually still i am unaware with what does mean fall & spring sessions,how to apply for universities when the exam will be held tell me everything related with MS.



  • This is not relevant to Processing... wouldn't expect much of a response especially if you don't say where you are from or where you want to go

    Those details you posted do not matter until you are already in a Master's program with the exception of the GRE. Just take the GRE, find a university you like, and then think about learning rather than exam specifics

    In Illinois UIC has a good Computer Science Master's program, I just finished it recently and it went well for me

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