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Hello guys I have this problem:

A sketch of processing forms with generative and particle I would make it react with the movement of those who pass in front of the kinect (x, y, and even z) I enclose sketch

how do I? What do you recommend to add?

void setup(){

size(1300, 800, P3D);


stroke(100, 150);

fill(255, 255, 255);

float xstart = random(150);

float ynoise = random(150);

translate(width/2, height/2, 0);

for(float y = -(height/8); y <=(height/8); y+=3){

ynoise += 0.01;

float xnoise = xstart;

for (float x =-(width/8); x <=(width/8); x+=3) {

xnoise +=0.02;

drawPoint(x, y, noise(xnoise, ynoise));


} }

void drawPoint(float x, float y, float noiseFactor) {


translate(x * noiseFactor * 5, y * noiseFactor * 5, -y);

float edgeSize = noiseFactor * 6;

ellipse(2, 2, edgeSize, edgeSize);

popMatrix(); }

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