Opposite word for normalized

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I'm looking for the word that means the opposite of normalized. I thought of normal, but that looks like normalized and it doesn't have to be normal. Same for default, who says normalized can not be the default.

Best so far is notNormalized, can anyone beat that?


  • Hello !

    I think what you want to do is multiply your normalized value by the width (for the x) and the height (for the y) of your object.

  • No :) programming is not the problem, naming things is the hard part :)

  • Randomized? Disturbed? Unsettled? Muddled? Disordered?

  • original values?

    original size?

    mathematically: what happes when you normalize? Can you explain?

    I like the question......

    Let me see....






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  • hahaha I love the answers :)

    I think quark wins :D Although it sounds a bit like you had normalized first and you unnormalized them.

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    I love TFguys answers....

    or maverick


  • prenormalized

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    unorthodox, or better yet, abnormal.

  • outstanding


  • non-normalized

  • Prenormalized

  • paranormalized ? or non regulated, uncontrolled

  • abnormal :) nice one

  • Maverk---ized Normal---ized

    I liked "rouge" and "maverik" Bastardizing "maverik" allows for a decent root word the same length as "Normal".

    And I am all about variable names that line up.

  • I was recently mocked for using the term 'unminified' in a meeting with back-end web guys; who really should get out more... Anyway I'd add a vote to 'unnormalised'.

    I've always wondered what the opposite of 'gormless' is (that might only make sense to British readers). Is there such a thing as a 'gorm' and can a person be 'gormful'?

  • So whats gormless mean?

  • gormless = lacking sense or initiative; foolish.

  • thanks!

    nice one

  • _vk_vk
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    Gorm may refer to:

    Gorm the Old, a Danish king

    Gorm (computing), a rapid application development tool

    GORM, Grails Object-Relational Mapping

    Gorm, a character from Galidor

    'The Island of Gorm' A fictional place from the children's toy 'Gormiti'

    Gorm, the Gaelic word for "blue" found in for example, Cairngorm

    Gorm, a range of storage furniture sold by Swedish outlet IKEA

    Gorm, or gaum, means "attentive or alert", and is the basis for the word gormless.

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