Keeping the formatting of processing text when copied in to Adobe Indesign

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Hi All,

Another question which I hope has a very obvious answer.

I need to copy and paste all of my scripts in to indesign to create a document showing all of the work I have done. This needs to retain the processing formatting, especially the colours so that it is easier to read. I have tried copying the script by direct paste, pasting without formatting, pasting all information, I've tried pasting in to microsoft word, notepad, even gmail, and it always loses its's formatting.

If I am to screenshot it instead, the text becomes quite pixelated which is irritating. I feel as though there is something about the formatting in processing which gets left behind when the script is copied. Does anyone have any clues about this, or even if there is the ability to produce a PDF of the script from processing because then at least I could get to it in acrobat.

When copying scripts in to this forum the formatting is preserved so there MUST be a way!

Grateful for all/any advice!

Thanks in advance.


  • menu edit copy as html....?

  • Hi all, just coming back to give an answer to this to anyone who ever has this problem in the future (I know I am a little late!) - I got round this by printing my code to PDF but crucially opening the options dialogue before printing and unchecking "rely on system fonts only" which got it in to acrobat just fine with colours intact. Then I could copy and paste in to indesign.

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