How to use match()

In processing.js i used the following code to find a character position within the string scale: int whatKey() { int i; for (i=0; i<EOS; i++) { if (scale.charCodeAt(i)==key) return i;
} return -1; }
How can I do this in p5.js? I tried with match() but don't know the syntax.



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    var scale = 'processing.js';
    var myKey = 'n';
    var idx;
    idx = scale.indexOf(myKey);
  • Works fine. Thanks a lot!

  • But... "scale" cannot be used as variable. It worked in processing but not in p5.js so I had to change it to something else. Is there a list of reserved keywords for p5.js ?

  • Here:

    In JavaScript, even functions are referenced in variables. Therefore, if we reassign a variable w/ the same name of some existing function, it is erased! :-SS

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