Serial Library: "Error, disabling serialEvent() for COMx"

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I have a sketch that takes 1 serial input (FTDI USB-to-serial) and a webcam input, processes the image based on what is sent on the incoming serial port, and then provides a control output via a 2nd serial port (also FTDI) to control some hardware. Everything generally works as expected, but I occasionally get the error detailed in the post title. Looking at the code for the serial library, this error string only shows up in 1 location and it is in a try/catch. Because this error is difficult to reproduce (the sketch will often operate correctly for several hours prior to this exception), does anyone have any guidance or knowledge of what could cause this? Do I have a way to pull the actual exception from the serial library, or is that hidden from me?

I am using Processing 2.2.1 on Win7, x64. Any guidance appreciated.

Thanks, Mike


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