GLSL blur shader and HSB

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Maybe this is already very simple. I am not much of a GLSL coder!

I have a pixel manipulation code running, and the built in P55 blur was too slow so I went into the shaders world.

I tried replacing the built-in filter(BLUR) with the one in the Examples, it is attractive and very fast. But seems to darken my image too much, it eventually dissappears - I think it could be to do with the fact that I am manipulating the pixels in HSB mode and the shader seems to be summing RGB ...

How can I get things working so that the shader behaves exactly the same as filter(BLUR) with HSB pixels?



  • Colors are always handled as RGB in GLSL, but you can manually convert the RGB components of a color into HSB in order to run your calculations in that colorspace. You then have to convert back the results to RGB. This might be useful.

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