can't run pde suddenly

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all is normal, today when I open processing, the launch interface occurs, but then disappear, no pde shows, what happened?



  • Look at the numerous similar threads in the same category, and see if one of them addresses your issue...

  • searched and not find right one to fix the issue yet.

  • run it from the command line, see if you get any error messages on the console.

  • same as launch from desk icon. nothing can be seen on the console. only a launch interface occurs a while. maybe a second. I have not changed any config and path etc. odd enough.

  • new modes or tools perhaps? Try cleaning sketchbook folder before start.

  • where is sketchbook folder?

  • how to check new modes or tools?

  • I mean maybe a tool or mode installed is preventing the ide to start. The sketch book folder is the Processing folder where your sketchs resides by default. In MAC user/Documents/Processing/. Inside there are three especial folders: modes, tools, libraries. Try moving modes and tools out of Processing folders, and restart IDE. Have worked for me once. If it works add back one by one to se which is the culprit .

  • I guess the ide will find the start path, but fail to find that, any way I havn't changed path. never.

  • it seems rather trouble, no one met such problem?

  • As said in the other threads, some people were successful in restarting Processing by removing (or renaming, to keep backup) the folder where the preferences.txt file is.

    You can also try and rename the tools and modes folders in the sketchbook, in case it is one of them that blocks your PDE.

  • I did that as same as vk said, but no use.

  • And what about the preferences folder?

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    I found yesterday that at wiki has a same troubleshoot, it sounds like to suit to. just as same as you all said above. now I have found the skitchbook. and it really has a folder at

    C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\Processing,

    sketchbook.path=C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\Processing
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    `sketchbook.path=C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\Processing

    toolbar.hide.image=false update.check=false ...`

    do I have to change the path? oh, it seems no need, I find. it resides the scketch files.

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    there are modes and tools folders over there. I delete them, but when I start the processing, after it disappears, the two folders appear again obdurately under the folder. this may be what the problem exists.

    and why does that take place?

  • complement: the two folders are empty.

  • Answer ✓

    The folders are always re-created, and empty as long as you don't add tools or modes.

    I meant to entirely delete (or rename) the C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\Processing folder. It will be re-created as well, anyway. At worst, you will loose some settings and history.
    Honestly, I don't know if it can do any good, but it is worth trying.

  • Settle it. before that, I've always paid attention to My Documents\Processing folder. which has those two folders, for application data folder has no model and tools folders. it has only console and debug folders. thank u.

  • only lose some history. the new folder recreat at the same position, only lack of contributor.text file. I still wonder the appication\data\ folder is no use in general access to programs. why delete it can do the trick at this sample?

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