Processing 2.1 has started crashing on launch (running OS X Mavericks) when in screen mirror mode...

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Hello all Upgraded to Mavericks last week, and to Processing 2.1 the other day. Both were running fine, but tonight Processing won't launch. Sometimes I get a system error window, other times it just opens and shuts immediately..... Reinstalled 2.0.3 and it works fine.... Update: This is only happening when plugged into an external projector and running in Screen Mirror mode...(running in non-Screen Mirror mode everything works ok...)



  • hmm, works fine for me. after installing mavericks I installed the latest JDK.... 7u45. the one with mavericks is Java 6, and I saw something in the 2.1 update about updating to 7

  • I have the same problem for a few times.

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