Stuttering with P2D or OPENGL

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I'm still a coding rookie and could use some help here. I want to create an application that plays several videos (.mov) after another. At the end of each video, you can choose how to continue. For example, if you see a stairway up and down, the video stops, and you decide to go up or down. Up or down are then 2 new clips. Clip size is: 960 x 720.

Now to my problem:

If I use size(x,y, P2D); or size(x,y,OPENGL) my videos begin to stutter, but the funktion to choose a "path" works. If I dont use P2D or OPENGL, everything looks fine, but when I choose a "path", I get a NullPointerException.



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    When we don't specify a renderer in size(), it used default JAVA2D.
    Which btW, is much more stable & recommended for bitmap images after all!

    Now, I thought dispose() would obliterate a Movie object.
    Are you sure you wanna get rid of any of them? :-/

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    /edit Ok you're right, it's the dispose() is causing the error. but without it, the files are overlapping. All I see is the last frame of the first clip. The next one is covered by it. Is there any function to undraw without disposing?

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    ok I got it now :) JAVA2D did the trick in the end. Next problem was the order of the image() ind draw(). faceplam

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    I believe that Movie should have some methods to pause/resume. :-?

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