Best way to import data into processing?

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Hi, Do you know which is the best way (library) to import geometry (cad models) into processing ? Thanks



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    Per your title, there is no best way to load "data", as there are lot of kinds of data, and Processing has various ways to load them (see precisely the various loadXxx() methods in the Reference page).

    Your body of message is a bit more precise, but still very vague, because there are dozens (literally) of 3D model formats, so the method to load them vary depending on them (and might need some conversion for most of them, anyway).

    You should inspect the Libraries page on the main Processing site, there are several of them dedicated to such loading.

  • Hi PhiLho, thanks for your answer. Yes you are right about the nature of my question being quite open and general, so to be more expecific I´d like to import mainly NURBS curves and surfaces to the scene.( From there I can save them in any format required.) Time ago I googled it and found Saito´s object loader (but failed when following the examples provided, I wasn´t able to load the geo into scene). One thing as obvious as checkin' the main processing website is something I didn´t do until you mentioned, :-?? there I found iGeo which is provided with a method to import the data.:) Again thank you!

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