MySQL on Android or fast alternatives for huge data storage

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Hello, it seems that it isn´t possible to get the BezierSQL library work on an Android device so I need an other way to store lots of variables online on a webserver. It´s important that I could get them fast to work with them by runtime. My idea behind this is to make a multiplayer game for android devices and change values like player positions etc. at runtime. greetz Flozzel


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    You seem to mix concepts! The SQL library, "MySQL on Android", would be related to storing data on a device. Not sure if the owner of the device would appreciate to have "huge data storage" on it, but that's another story.

    Then you tell us you want to "store lots of variables online on a webserver". That's a very different need / concept! SQL is probably useless there, at least on the device itself, it must be used on the server. Then on the Android device, your problem is to send the data, not to manage a database.

    Again, not sure if the user will appreciate to see its data plan to be eaten by a game, but perhaps that's how multiplayer games work, I never tried one on Android.

  • The SQL data with it tables would be on the webserver,and BezierSQL is for communicate with it.An account and an internet connection are requirements to play. It´s important to get the data by runtime and analyze it fast without performance decreasement.For example there are 100 players online but I only want to display the players you could see on your area,so I have to analyze the player positions to look if its rational to display them. It does not have to be MySQL but it was the first I think about to implement something like this.

    greetz Flozzel

  • For obvious security reasons, and practical ones, a remote script on the user side should not issue SQL commands to a distant database... Particularly commands that can update the DB!

    So the solution will probably to send the data to the server, for example in a REST way (GET / PUT / DELETE etc. HTTP commands), and the server will be responsible for authentication, authorization, and DB usage.

  • Hm I will try to let Processing communicate with the server via PHP and run a server side script for the MySQL management or something like this.

    greetz Flozzel

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